Privacy Policy

We are aware of how critical internet users’ privacy is. As a result, our goal is to give you information about the data we get, how we acquire it, how we use it, and how dedicated we are to protecting it. We value each and every one of our website users’ privacy, and we promise to treat any information you entrust to us with the utmost care. We follow the Personal Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation, which went into effect on April 8, 2018, when appropriate. (Privacy Statement)

We do not currently have the ability to create user profiles or purchase anything on our website. We also do not enable newsletter registrations using personal data. We only get access to personalised data when you willingly fill out our contact form, and even then, the details you share with us are restricted. We do use anonymous data to make sure our website functions properly and is improved. Cookies that are both functional and analytical are used to collect this data. Additionally, your express approval is required for us to use marketing cookies. For a more detailed explanation, please refer to our Cookie Policy.

It is a must for all BlogAly personnel to protect the privacy of your information.

1.Whom Do We Are?

Greetings from, your one-stop online information centre devoted to providing you with the most recent and significant news as well as intriguing perspectives from around the world. Our staff, which was founded on January 7th, 2023, is committed to providing you with timely updates on the newest news.

2.Gathering and handling contact details?

We make use of personal data in our offerings. As was previously indicated, BlogAly does not offer the ability to set up personal accounts, make transactions, or sign up for mailing lists. As a result, consumers do not need to provide any personal information.

We provide an easy-to-use contact form on our website so that you may get in touch with our editorial team with any questions or feedback. Your email address is requested on this form, which is necessary for our staff to handle your inquiry and get back to you. Before you submit the form, we want your permission to store this information in order to protect your privacy. Your data security is our top priority, and we make sure it stays private and isn’t shared with outside parties.

Gathering and Handling Statistical Data Produced Automatically –

We collect information about your website interactions in order to keep our website operating efficiently and improving its performance. The main focus of our optimisation efforts is on technical improvements, such making sure that our web pages are displayed, secured, and safe. The information gathered includes things like the kind of device you use (desktop, mobile, tablet, etc.), your IP address (which is usually linked to your general location), the web browser you use, your operating system, the pages you specifically visit on our website, and the website from which you visited it. It’s crucial to remember that this information is completely anonymous and cannot be linked to any specific user. Our method of gathering this data is by use of analytics cookies. More detailed information is available in our Cookie Statement.

Processing Data for Marketing Objectives –

We recognise that you probably came to our website because you were interested in our material. We depend on advertising money to fund our website and keep up with the flow of new material. Our goal is to show you advertisements that are appropriate for your interests. We work with outside partners to accomplish this, but only with your permission. These other parties gather information about your product views, click-through patterns, and online hobbies in order to show you ads that are personalised to your tastes. This data is processed to provide personalised advertisements with your consent. Please refer to our Cookie Statement and click here for a more thorough explanation of this procedure as well as to investigate your options for limiting how these companies use your information.

Data Processing for Social Media Objectives

We make it simple for people to share articles, videos, and photographs on our website by including share buttons for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Cookies are set after consent is obtained in order for these buttons to work. Users do not need to log in again when they click these share buttons because Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are able to recognise them. BlogAly neither has access to nor stores the data connected to these platforms. Please refer to our Cookie Statement for more information.

What is the purpose of the data collection, and what legal justifications do we have?

As previously stated, the following objectives need the gathering and processing of relevant contact information in addition to the processing of depersonalized statistics data:

  1. Assisting you in using the website.
  2. Answering queries and remarks sent through the contact form.
  3. Assembling statistical data that is anonymous.
  4. Maintaining, improving, and making changes to the website.

It is necessary to gather and handle contact information as well as statistical data processing in order to safeguard BlogAly’s legal interests, and refusal is not an option. You must offer your authorization on our website if you allow BlogAly to share your personal information with outside parties for marketing or social media reasons. Please refer to our Cookie Statement for more details on this. Anonymized data will be handled for the following uses following receipt of your consent:

  1. Putting up interesting and pertinent ads.
  2. Distributing our writings.
  3. Avoiding the same commercials from being repeated.
  4. Monitoring the websites you visit

It is not required to process depersonalised data for social media and marketing reasons. It is up to you, as a user of our website, to decide whether or not to grant permission. By law, BlogAly must get your permission before processing your information. Use of Your Information by Outside Parties.

Unless you specifically consent, the information we obtain and how we manage it won’t be disclosed to any third parties. Unless you authorize us to share it, any information you provide via the contact form will remain private. By getting in touch with us, you can withdraw your consent at any moment. Our Cookie Statement includes a list of partners that we share depersonalized functional and analytical cookies with, as well as data used for social media and advertising reasons solely with your consent.

BlogAly will take the required steps to guarantee that suitable safeguards are put in place in the event that your personal information is shared with third parties. This can entail signing a contract with the third party outlining how your personal information will be used and putting restrictions on how it must be kept safe. Lastly, BlogAly might be forced by law or regulation, in the event of legal action, or to defend our rights, to divulge your personal information to third parties.

Links Provided by Outside Parties –

Any hyperlink on our website that you click will take you to a website that is operated by a different business. BlogAly has no influence on the services offered or how these other websites are run. These outside websites are independent of BlogAly and have their own privacy rules. As a result, BlogAly is not liable or responsible for any third-party websites’ policies, practices, or content.

3.How much time do we keep your personal data on file?

We will not save the automatically gathered data (marketing, social media, and statistical data); instead, the recipients will be in charge of managing it directly. You can ask the recipient how long they will retain your data, as explained in our Cookie Statement. Only the amount of time required to fulfil the intended purpose of the information will be kept on file for personal data supplied through the contact form. Usually, once we have responded to your question or issue, it can be removed. We won’t keep information longer than is necessary to comply with legal requirements or safeguard our interests (in the event of a disagreement between you and us).

4.How Is The Security of Your Personal Data Maintained?

BlogAly prioritises the security of the information gathered. Our technical staff constantly puts security measures in place to guard against data loss or unauthorised access. Use the supplied contact form to get in touch with us if you would need further information about our security procedures.

Cookie-based –

We use social media plugins, pixels, and cookies on our website, as was previously disclosed. While some of these cookies are necessary for the website to operate properly, others improve your user experience and let us show information and ads that are relevant to you. Please see our Cookie Statement for a detailed explanation.

Enhancement, Portability, and Access to Your Data –

Using our contact form, you may send us an inquiry to find out what personal information we have on file. This only pertains to the personal information we have actually gathered, not information we have only processed. As a result, the information you can access is restricted to that which you have sent via the contact form. If you would want to change the data you have provided, kindly let the customer support agent who helped you know. They are able to add, remove, modify, enhance, or make any other essential modifications to your data. It is your right to obtain your personal information in a format that is readable by machines. Use the contact form to make this request, and BlogAly will get back to you within a month. In exceptional circumstances, BlogAly may require up to three months to respond to a very difficult request; this information will be communicated during the first month of the request. Should BlogAly reject your request, you will be notified in writing.

5. Can I object to the use of my personal data?

We need your personal information when you contact us so we can respond to you. Requests made anonymously cannot be fulfilled. You can prevent us from using anonymized data for operational and statistical purposes by turning off cookies in your web browser. Please read our Cookie Statement to find out more. You may refuse consent when prompted while on our website if you don’t want us to use your information for marketing or social media.

6. Is it possible to amend this privacy statement?

We advise you to periodically revisit this page to check for updates to our privacy statement since your last visit. These modifications may be made without informing our visitors.