Cookie Policy

Greetings from our website! Cookies are used by us to enhance your experience on our site and to make it function better. We’ll go over what cookies are, the many kinds we use, and your control over them in this Cookie Policy.

What are cookies?

When you visit a website, cookies—which are essentially little messages—are saved to your computer, tablet, or phone. They contain data that supports our business, ensures the website functions properly, and helps us learn how visitors utilize our site. In addition to cookies, we may store and access data on your device through other means, such as local storage. In this Policy, all of these items fall under the “cookies” category. To place these cookies on your device, we employ a variety of technologies, including tracking pixels and JavaScript.

Are cookies safe to use?

Indeed, cookies are commonly used on the internet and are very safe. You won’t get unsolicited emails or sales calls from them as they don’t contain any personal information about you, such as your name, phone number, or email address. We value your privacy and make an effort to be open and honest about the kind of cookies we use, as well as the possibility that cookies from third parties may be installed on your device while you visit our website.

Why are cookies used?

We make use of cookies for several purposes:

  1. Functional cookies: These make sure users can navigate our website with ease and in safety.
  2. Analytical cookies: By assisting us in comprehending user behaviour, they enable us to improve our website.
  3. Cookies for advertising: They show you relevant advertisements.
  4. Cookies for social media: They let you share our content on social media.

Further details regarding the particular cookies we use in each category below are available to you. To collect statistical data, we occasionally use the services of outside vendors, such Google Analytics. We will provide you with a link to the privacy or cookie policy of any other company that sets cookies, if any.

Cookies that work:

To provide users with the best possible and safest experience on our website, we use functional cookies. The following are the tasks that these cookies carry out:

  1. checking the browser’s settings to see how our website displays best.
  2. identifying abuse and stopping online threats.
  3. identifying your location and keeping your website available.

Functional cookies are not subject to consent requirements and cannot be turned off.

Cookies for analysis:

Analytical cookies let us better understand how users interact with our website and make improvements. We compile information such as:

  • How much time you spend on the website and what links you click.
  • The kind of gadget you use and the source of your traffic.

We collect this data and install analytical cookies using Google Analytics.

Cookies for advertising:

Advertising cookies are used by us to support our website and show you relevant advertising. These Cookies:

  • Don’t play the same advertisement too frequently.
  • Display adverts that are customized just for you.
  • Show adverts relevant to the content you are currently viewing.
  • Record the advertisements you have viewed.

A list of businesses that may use ad cookies on our website is provided below.

Cookies for Social Sharing:

You may easily share our material on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest with the use of social sharing cookies. They carry out the following actions:

  • allow you to directly share material while logged in.
  • Acknowledge when you’ve posted a photo or article.

Please refer to each social media platform’s cookie disclaimer for further information.

Handling Cookies:

Cookies can be managed by you either blocking or removing them. We’re sorry, but we are unable to assist you with this. Additionally, our website might not function properly if you choose to reject cookies. We’ve included links below to assist you with controlling cookies across different browsers:

Regarding Google Chrome:

  • Taking out cookies
  • Putting cookies on hold

Regarding Mozilla Firefox:

  • Taking out cookies
  • Putting cookies on hold

Regarding Internet Explorer:

  • Taking out cookies
  • Putting cookies on hold

Regarding Safari:

  • Taking out cookies
  • Putting cookies on hold

We are available to help, and these resources should help you to properly manage your cookies.

Updates to Policies:

This Cookie Policy may be updated from time to time without notice. It is recommended that you frequently check this page in order to be updated on any changes.

Accuracy of Policy:

Although we work hard to keep our Cookie Policy up to date, not all cookies may be covered by it.